Up, Up and Away

posted 10 Mar 2017, 06:54 by GUPTA RINIE

Well this module of blogging is coming to an end and it is really important for the readers to get some inspiration and guidance from this blog. So here is my take on this monologue.
1.Running a company is very different from working in one:
    I was doing both at a point in time and I understood the difference very strikingly. When you bootstrap your company it is encouraged, even recommended I would say. You try that stuff in office , it's called asking for getting fired. 
2. There's no bigger happiness than your very first sale. 
    I really can't forget the night we got our first order and the shear excitement which was there in the air (Lame rhyme), was better than the feeling of having a girlfriend and that first kiss. I was this warm, insane feeling that you have made something that people want and the proof is in the sales. 
3. Listen to advice that is given by the "right" people
    We had talks with Adrian and Roderick for an hour and a half when we had booked a 10 minute slot. We really took all their advise to devise our roadmap and our future plans and strategies. This really helped us make the strengthen the idea to a rock solid foundation.

This is literally all I can think off at the moment. 

There are a lot of people I would also like to thank for this amazing journey 
    1. Adrain and Roderick : Thanks a lot for helping us again.
    2. The whole DormBuddies: Thanks a lot for all the trust and faith and making the experiences the best of my life.
Signing off with lots of excitement

Fixing our Email Problems

posted 10 Mar 2017, 04:26 by JAGANNATH PRATYUM

This link shows how we plan to tackle our email problem.

Staff Management System

posted 5 Mar 2017, 02:09 by JAGANNATH PRATYUM

As we went through all the cash sales and Invoices and tried to manage all our inventory, we saw all the hassle that was required for the process. Dhanraj and I talked in detailed about this and we have decided to go paperless by the end of the Year. 

We will have an automatic email system which the staff who is assigned to the order will have to input the inventory number of the products(like router number  and so on) and then would hand over the phone for a digital sign of the customer after accepting of the terms and conditions which then emails the customer the invoice  immediatly. Also this makes it easier for us to hire people to help with the deliveries as then we would also be able to keep track of the inventory and who delivered and what product is given to which customer( all done manually now) .

Let's see how good I can keep up and do this stuff in house. 

Till then ,

Automation and Some more expansion Plans

posted 5 Mar 2017, 01:59 by JAGANNATH PRATYUM

As we go on through time , I have seen that the website has been giving really slow results especially with the email sending. Now that there was a little leaway to allow little more development work I am pleased to inform everyone that there was a crazy weekend of Coding and bunch of new addition and features to the website. 
  1. Introducing a new and Automatic Inventory management system. 
    • We have thought of doing this for a while and now that I an epiphany , I have made a completely automated inventory, 
    • created a automatic email feedback in case of falling below a threshold of products. 
    • the products also automatically disable themselves in the event of a stock out. 
  2. Increased the Speed of the emails using a brand new Stack in addition to the previous
    • I have shifted to a `redis-server` which is one of the most technologically current and fastest backend implementations in the world. 
    • I have also added Celery to the stack which allows us to heavier tasks asynchronously from the UI thread making our website loadtime decreases by almost 35 %. This also gives us access to automate our email sending and scheduling emails at a specific time. 
  3. Introduction of the group to Slack
    • After our previous meetings I understood the we were using very crood tools to help with our productivity and now I have make a new SLACK team for the DormBuddy. This has helped the whole team compartmentalize all the departments of running under one roof top. I have also made a few Bots like the Stripe BOT which tells us every time we have an order and Payment , and also a TODO Bot which helps keep track of the tasks at hand
  4. Meeting on Expansion Plans and such .
    • All the talks are going on what and how to take the company forward and hope to let you all know more about the same soon.

Back to Singapore and first delivery !

posted 23 Jan 2017, 08:27 by JAGANNATH PRATYUM

I was in India till 20th Jan and Oh My God it was a much needed break after the internship and DormBuddy and everything else, I needed to give time for my body to rest. This was further aided my the fact that my home city(Chennai) was struck by a cyclone a week before I had arrived and all the internet was down. But this was more a bane to the team than I expected. There were days where Dhanraj would call me at 2 in the morning to report that there were some issues or there were minor bugs that needed to be fixed ASAP. As my friends start delivering, a whole new problem sprung -> NO CONTACT INFO collected. This was one of the biggest challenges that we faced since SJ or Rinie would end up going to the delivery location and have no clue how to contact them. We used their name and Facebook to contact them but this hassle was further reduced later by adding a new "Contact Number" field in the login . 

I came back on the 20th all excited to see my new DormBuddy T-Shirt and also to meet all the new Exchange Students. I was also given my FIRST DELIVERY of a broom set to Binjai which felt a lot more satisfying than I expected. While you experience a problem is when you can truly see it, and strive and feel motivated to solve. It truly seemed very inefficient and we have to discuss and streamline the Collections. 

Since I am back, I hope to blog a lot more often and keep you guys updated on the progress. 

New Year Resolutions

posted 31 Dec 2016, 08:32 by JAGANNATH PRATYUM

As the New Year Approaches , I have like to make some things come true this year. They may be a bit far fetched but this would surely prove and stretch my capabilities as a developer as well as a team member of Dorm Buddy. 
  1. Make Facebook login and give some more scope for students.
  2. Make some small AI which finds out what people are buying and add it to the checkout like a "You might also be interested in". 
  3. Make mobile application for DormBuddy (iOS and Android)
  4. Have a bot which can chat with you on Facebook and on the website/application which can give you cool suggestions and stuff. 
  5. Create a simpler content-management and inventory management system which can help people see the stock out status and also if possible order more automatically. 
  6. See if there are any clients that can be brought from my side to help with the procurement of goods and liasing of products.(Non-Dev work)
  7. Make a contribution to the financial team in some way
Have Happy New Year Guys !!! 

Additional Improvements Plans to do over the Christmas and New Year break

posted 22 Dec 2016, 01:04 by JAGANNATH PRATYUM

As this festive season comes to a start and my internship finally comes to an end , it gives me more time to focus on fixing all the bugs in the website. I am also thinking of adding some additional functionality to the website based on the trends and analysis from google analytics and facebook. 

Some of them are as follows :
  1.  Fix the tablet version of the website : There are some serious weird things happening on the tablet version and I must fix it 
  2. Add Facebook Login in the website 
  3. Add some cron jobs scripts to automate sending delivery timing reminders
  4. Scope to see if there is a better email template for the invoice + Attach PDF invoices to make it look more professional
  5. Scope to see if Apple Pay Integration is a good idea ( from a Development + Financial point of view)
  6. Add a "Also consider Buying " in the cart page since people are not buying enough routers. 
Overall I have been off my game because off certain factors like my internship but no more excuses. 

On non-tech news I have been helping with the direct marketing by individually messaging students in the Singapore Uni Exchange Group but no luck so far. Hopefully my luck should change soon . 

Dorm Buddy Production Ready Improvements

posted 19 Dec 2016, 22:20 by JAGANNATH PRATYUM

There are many improvements in the website now ... 

  1. => This is now become on the main website and the test_app is now all functioning.
  2. We have implemented a new UI for fixing delivery timeslots. 
  3. A new favicon have been added.
  4. Responsive UI for mobile and tablet have been integrated.
  5. Updates to the products have also been made so that the pictures change when the mouse in the container.
  6. The My Account has been made to with many improvements so that customers can be see all the Orders and settings.
  7. Rich text has also been added to the website so that our website links gives a description when pasted using WhatsApp , Slack , FaceBook.
  8. Email Templates have also been created and made.
Please do comment on this post on any improvements that you do think to do. 

Talk and networking Event conducted by Entrepreneur First…

posted 24 Nov 2016, 08:56 by JAGANNATH PRATYUM

Talk and networking Event conducted by Entrepreneur First…

An Event was conducted on 23 November 2016 by Entrepreneur First at their new APAC Head Quarters which was unveiled by the Prime Minister of Singapore just earlier this week. EF is a company based out of London which supports talented engineers and computer scientists to build world-class tech companies from scratch.They have a made companies which value for a net value of around $500 million . I had the signed up for the first event in this building conducted with Teik Guan, founder of DS3 (acquired by Gemalto) will be sharing his story on being a founder.

He gave us a lot of examples from his life and told us different situations and how he acted in each of them. Some of the notable moments are given below.

  • He talked about the importance of a mentor and that you need to learn from friends, clients, suppliers and especially have some competition since you really don’t know your growth if you don’t have someone to play the game with.
  • There was a story he told where in startups we have to swallow our pride and do anything to stay above board and explained how him and his partners ( who were part of a computer software security company) had to go and help with repair of computers and servers of their clients so that they could keep their company from not getting broke.
  • He also explained how he used his clients to get new clients. This was basically done with the recommendation of the these companies , and picking and choosing clients who have some sort of worldwide reach. Since his clients were Banks mostly , he requested to be put in contact with their merger counterparts or regional banks who they had some personal contact with and so on .
  • He also told us this story where while he was in Paris during the winter and his server crashed. He was staying a Non-Heated motel which had wifi only in the basement and so he was trying to call at 3am , trying to fix the problem when it was -8˙C and he tells you at that point "You must really love you company and job, otherwise you’ll be like what the hell am I doing ? ". I was completely able to relate to this part of the story since I kinda go through the same thing staying up till like 4 am to fix the code that I wrote and to sit in an MRT and read up on documents and stuff so that I can implement them on the website and so on.

This talk also had a informal networking session where people from NUS , SUTD and a lot of master students had showed up. They had some really cool tech ideas and seemed to find many interests which overlapped that I enjoyed.

I had a blast and ended up really appreciating the Life of a Startup.  Thanks a lot EF for the opportunity and for all those doing this module with me , They are planning to have a talk every month , So if there is any tech ideas that you have please do attend their talks since they have some really experienced and awesome people showing up for their series.

Update on the Website and such and so ....

posted 7 Nov 2016, 08:51 by JAGANNATH PRATYUM

    Web News

This week has been exciting to say the least. There was a lot of work that went into making the webpage and a lot of the functionality is shaping up. There are small nuances that people don't really see such as the mouse scroll feature on the lens zoom of the product but each line of code has been really satisfying to create and make function. 

Well the thing about being a tech guy is your surrounded by people who really tend to appreciate the product if it good but really can't appreciate the journey. Also making stuff dynamic is something that takes more time than I ever expected. But It's done now so that even a kid can add products , combos and such and so. 

I have created a simple interface that helps me automate the products that are getting rendered into my webpage. So It's a simple content management system that has been tailor-made to meet our demands based on what the team would consider simple to add , update , modify and remove anything and the website would be smooth and function. 

This was one of the coolest things and by far the most satisfying things that I have made. This made me not only think from a scalable point of view but also from view where I have automated the whole product and combo rendering as more information is added to my database. 

Here's a few shots of the cool stuff that we at dormBuddy use . 

Other News

On other fronts, our team has set up email id's that correspond to our domain names now such as and so on . We have also set up more professional looking group email that we can add to cc rather than add each of us one by one. These are the sort of small nuances that I like to take care off that make's everything look cool and seems real. 

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