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4 Jan 2017, the Exchange Briefing

posted 24 Jan 2017, 03:14 by SHENG JIE KOH

4th January was the day when the exchange briefing was held. We have approached SAO, GEM and other key players in NTU for this mutually beneficial business. We requested to have a booth during the exchange briefing, allowing us to reach out to the majority of the exchange students, which may in turn reduce the hassle for the exchange students in getting their dormitory needs.  However, it was definitely not a smooth sail in acquiring the booth. 

So this is the rough summary of what had happened during the very day!
The exchange briefing was held at 1pm-4pm.

11am - Transportation of goods. 

11am/12pm - Transportation of the goods to LT 1A (where the briefing is held). Transporting goods and setting up booth were done concurrently and in the midst of setting up, we already have a few exchange students whom have shown interest in renting, and some have already placed their orders.

12pm-2pm - Finished setting up booths and arranging the stocks. Roles have been allocated for the sales as well. We were waiting for the exchange briefing to end. 

2pm - We were also given the opportunity (thankfully) to have a 1-3 minutes talk time to explain to the exchange students about Dorm Buddy and the services we are providing. And as usual, Rinie has many skills
in different areas, and when it comes to presentation, no one in the team can be a better candidate than her. 

3pm-5pm - The briefing ended and our booth was literally crowded with at least 50+ exchange students interested in our services! The crowd was overwhelming, envelope containing all the cash was being passed between 4 people and everything went haphazard during the sales. But thankfully, our Cash sales managed to balance with our invoices and stock when we did our accounting :) 

Just a few of my photos going through the items and explaining the deposit and return policies to some customers :)

Sorry about the different resolution and sizes of the pictures. Most of the photos here are taken in a rush because it was too busy. And also, taken with different phones.

All in all.. 4th Jan 2017 is one of the best day of my life.


posted 20 Oct 2016, 02:39 by SHENG JIE KOH   [ updated 20 Oct 2016, 02:54 ]

Fast forward, few days ago QianHui and I went to Johor Bahru (JB) Malaysia to meet the suppliers that we managed to find on the Internet. We needed to ensure that we could find reliable business partner whom we can trust, so we had to go down in person to meet them to establish the relationship. We had the meetings with the Business Managers in their respective location,  one of which was in a Warehouse at the Industrial Area of JB and the other was held in its Departmental Store as we did not have enough time to go to their Warehouse. 

We managed to get the feel and touch of the items that we intend to purchase from them and this greatly mitigates the risk of buying the wrong quality as we already know what to expect from each of them. 

We had a hard time trying to find these 2 locations as their Shop addresses are in a haphazard arrangement. Google maps were not in our favour as well because we did not want to purchase the Malaysia SIM card so we couldn't know our location. (I wish I'd bought it, it would have saved so much time).
We spent 2 hours to find the first Supplier and 3 hours to find the second. A lot of time was wasted finding and walking around, A LOT. 

Below are some of the photos during the meeting with one of the Supplier, and their warehouse. We couldn't go to the other Warehouse due to insufficient time so no photos were taken. 

Sheng Jie

What has happened for the past few weeks

posted 20 Oct 2016, 02:20 by SHENG JIE KOH   [ updated 20 Oct 2016, 02:21 ]

These few weeks have been so busy having to juggle between school work and constantly generate new ideas for the MIE. Furthermore, the idea has to be, FEASIBLE (at least doable for 7 undergrads with piles of school work)
LOW COST ( I know I'm pretty much super poor I'm not sure about my teammates), and many other factors to be taken into. 

Many ideas have been generated over the past few weeks and debunking each other ideas and getting into small quarrels have been a norm ever since. But what I'm very proud of is that my team and I always come back stronger. Even though from time to time we will be disappointed, upset that our respective ideas were not heard or insulted, all of us were able handle the rejections very well as mature young adults. 

Few weeks ago, my team and I finally came to consensus and agreed with this ground-breaking Business idea. All of us think that this would be profitable and scalable. Our targeted customers will be our very own NTU exchange students, and hopefully in few semesters to come we could reach out to NUS and other Universities in Singapore as well. 

We also have had our fair share of discussions and small quarrels, when it comes to the name of the company. 
It is EXTREMELY difficult to come up with a name for a Company. It is as if 7 of us were thinking of a name for our Baby. 
It can't be too general, neither can it be too specific. It can't be too " intellectual " neither can it be too superficial. We have to strike that "equilibrium". 
With all these factors to be taken into account of, it got me thinking how my parents came up with my name. 

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