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8 March 2017

After 6 months of hard work, we are finally able to share our works with our friends!

Met the team at 3pm to do our final rehearsal for the presentation and went to NTC to set up our booth!!

Here is Dhanraj explaining to people about Dorm Buddy and funny how Roderick said we use gold to bribe our 'investors' haha!

Many people are interested our idea! Most of them asked about our expansion plans!

This is our final presentation in MIE, it has been 9 months omg..

Qianhui skyping from Shang Hai haha!

And we are done! Couldn't have asked for a better team :')

Even though MIE is over, Dorm Buddy has just started. We are going to work on our expansion plans as well as making some improvements based on our past sales and the feedbacks given by our mentors. We are definitely going to take Dorm Buddy to the next level, LEGGO DORMBUDDY!!

First Booth Sales

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4 January 2017

Today is definitely one of the busiest days for Dorm Buddy. We will be having our first booth sales after the exchange briefing! As all the items and packages were kept in Dhanraj's hall, I had to drive to his hall to transfer all the items to our booth at North Spine.

This is not even half of what we have packed!!

Making some sales even before the exchange briefing!

And the booth sales was a BLASSSSTTTTTT!!!!

We sold our all our packages and people had to order from our website to opt for delivery! The response was super overwhelming and to be honest, we were quite worried because we were shorthanded and everything is everywhere; the bag of cash is passed around, rental agreements and invoices are flying around! One thing we overlooked was the organisation of the booth sales.. Gonna work on it! After the booth sales, we received so many online orders which means.... more upcoming deliveries!!!

1st Consultation

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11 December 2016

Had the first consultation with Adrian and Roderick yesterday. The meeting was pretty good, I assume as of now Dorm Buddy is doing well except for the fact that we are facing slight problem reaching our target audience because OGEM did not reply to our mails after the meeting with them last month. Also, we all agreed that since the website is finally done and tested (Rinie and Pratyum have done a few transactions and tried the delivery system), we are now going to focus 100% on marketing!

Everything in the meeting went well except for a small part, I think Roderick kinda misunderstood Rinie yesterday and as her team mate, I wish I can do some clarifications.. Rinie has been doing alot alot for the team, from crafting the emails, to designing posters, to helping with the website. She put in way more effort for this Dorm Buddy Business right from the start because she knows that she will have to return to India in December and would not be able to help us when we are executing this business, hence she did more work now to cover for later. I really hope this misunderstanding can be cleared.. :(

JB Trip!!

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3 December 2016

After waiting for 2 weeks, we finally collected our bedsheets and pillow covers in JB yesterday! For the first time, I drove in Malaysia and honestly, I was pretty scared because of all the scary stories I heard, car get stolen, car thief etc.. But, we managed to reach our destination safely (although 1 hour late), the jam was horrible (2 hours omg) and we took a wrong turn haha. Checked the bedsheet and pillow cover and the colour is awesome! Paid the remaining 70% and went back to Singapore (another 1 hour jam)! Finally, most of our bulk order items are here - bedsheets, pillow covers and travel adaptors. The rest are just-in-time product where we could get it immediately from stores, thus keeping our inventories pretty low! Now, we are only waiting for our blankets and storage bags to arrive and then we are good to go!! :P

As for the Dorm Buddy tee, although we have already confirmed with the design 1 week back, I am still having some considerations whether we should have a tee because after requesting quotes from many suppliers, the lowest is $17.50 per piece (highest is $32 per piece OMG?!) which is way more expensive than I expected. My team is fine with it though, but I am still hoping I could get an even lower price to save money for the company since we still have time! Haha, this is probably the reason why I am the 'auntie' in the team.

Happy faces! :p

Meeting w OGEM

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10 November 2016 

Had a meeting with OGEM yesterday and to prepare for it, our team had a meeting on the previous day to confirm on our business structure, delivery system and pricing strategies. The initial reply to the email which Rinie sent was actually super positive, they mentioned that they are more than happy to help us and even want us to prepare the drafts that we would like them to send to the exchange students. Hence, we got all excited for it, thinking that Dorm Buddy is gonna be a success!!!!

However, when Dhanraj, Rinie and I got there the next day, the first thing OGEM told us was 'we would actually like to help but we just realised that there is this PDPA'. We spent the next 20 minutes convincing her that this is something that most of the exchange students would need, by showing her the endorsements we got some of the current exchange students to write. However, the only thing they could offer us is to give us a small space on their website to put a link to our website, and also to allow us to set up a booth during the exchange briefing in early January.. But on top of everything, they want us to do pilot testing among ourselves to show that the website and delivery system is really working before they'd help us. The meeting lasted for 1 hour and after the meeting, we got really disappointed because we were not expecting this outcome :/ 

We figured out that OGEM is most probably not going to be the link to our target audience hence, our backup plan is to design more posters and spam the current NTU exchange FB group, which all 7 of us are in, with about 1500 members inside. Meanwhile, we will still continue to update OGEM.. Hopefully they will be able to provide us with more help! :)

Side note: Travel adaptors are finally here!!

Oh no the blankets...

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2 November 2016

Had a short meeting over dinner with my team at North Spine macs and we had a hard time deciding which one of the 2 JB suppliers to work with because of: 1. Price, 2. Bed sheet customisation, 3. Delivery to Singapore. Each has their own pros and cons so it is pretty hard to decide. 

Went to Rinie's room to do photoshoot of the product and we discovered a big problem! THE BLANKET IS SUPER LINTY! After spreading the blanket over the bed to take pictures, the lint are stuck to the bed.. We realise we couldn't use this blanket anymore, we had to search for another blanket again.. sigh.. 

Spot the lint! ^

Oh, and the design for the tee is finally out! Indecisive me came up with 3 colours...

Which do you think look the best?

Product Hunting - Mustafa, Sim Lim Square and IKEA

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27 October 2016

Went to Mustafa and Sim Lim Square with Dhanraj for product hunting again! And to our surprise, the stuff at Mustafa are so so so expensive!! The bedsheets are all above $30.. We left pretty soon and went to Sim Lim Square to search for routers, travel adaptors and extension cords and once again, the price is too high. So, our conclusion is, we should stop searching because otherwise our search costs would be too high and we should just settle with the linens from JB and routers from India!

28 October 2016

Since we decided that IKEA bins are the cheapest, I went down to IKEA to get 8 bins! Why 8? Because $1.90*8 = $15.20 and I can get free parking for purchases above $15 hahaha! And I realise I suck at making simple decisions for example, I am so indecisive whether to get the red or white bin omg.. End up I got the red one because... Lucky colour hahahahaha!!

Went back NTU later for meeting, which was a pretty short one because its mainly updating whatever that we are in charge of! We finally bought our first item -- Travel Adaptors, at a really really low price hehe! And oh, we decided to make a Dorm Buddy tee!! Gonna be pretty expensive because we want our logo to be printed on it with colours but its okay, its for memories!!! And.. err also for business!

Posts are getting shorter and shorter because finals are coming.. Gotta start preparing! Will post more after finals!

Business Plan Presentation

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Hmm.. For the business presentation, gotta admit, I was not very prepared for this presentation because on the day itself, I actually had a bazaar going on at Goodman Arts Centre for my other business. It was my first bazaar so I had to be there to set up and delegate everything. Hence, before the start of the presentation, I was actually at Tanjong Pagar setting up the booth and briefing my helpers on what to do while I'm gone. 

Rushed down to NTU immediately for the presentation and when I reached, I was told that my parts was changed! Omg I was super flustered because I have been practising that part for the whole night and it is only about 45 minutes left till our presentation! But still, my team mates got my back and  managed to brief me in time. Overall, I think we did decently well!

Information Poster

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15 October 2016

Done up the first information poster today! And.. I think I kinda like designing posters haha, just unsure if its decent or not! If you have not noticed, our Dorm Buddy logo and contact email are missing in the poster because we have not confirmed on the logo design and the name of the email! Gonna edit it again soon!

Summary for first half of October....

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10 October 2016

Had a really longggg meeting with my team and we finally settled with the name that we all are satisfied with - DORMBUDDY!! This business name really took us a lot of time and effort and funny arguments hahaha but yes, we finally have a name ;) For today's meeting, we mainly talk about the packages and pricing and that took us alot of time too. Reason being we had alot of considerations. Firstly, our rental price of ala carte items has to be below market price. Next, our combo package price has to be below the total price of ala carte items in the package. Then, to offer promotion, the price then has to be lowered again. In this case, our profit margin would be very low.. Hence, we are quite stuck at the pricing but currently, we planned to price our 3 packages at $35, $45 and $60 (look at the pictures attached) 

Now its time to source for our supplies and get a fixed price to remove all our estimations of prices so that our Mr Calculator (Dhanraj) can have a more accurate figure to recalculate our packages pricing and profit margins!!!

12 October 2016

Went to some provision shop at Jurong West with Qianhui to source for pillows, towels, bins etc. And the boss gave us really good quotes for example - pillows for $5, towels for $4 and 10 hangers for $2 and many more!! I can't remember the exact prices because the photos are with Qianhui, we used our fingers to show the prices for each item HAHA! Oh, and what's good about getting supplies from him is that we only need to inform him 3-5 days in advance! Just-in-time supplies! YAY!

Went back to NTU for our meeting (which lasted for 4 hours omg haha!) to share with them our findings and also to update some stuff such as the logo design update (which Shengjie is in charge), website update (done by Pratyum), update of pricing at IKEA (searched by Rinie), ACRA registration (under Weiren) and the update of pricing strategies (by Dhanraj). We still have not decided on our suppliers because there are just too many suppliers in Singapore and now we even consider ordering from ebzuy and finding suppliers in JB to reduce our costs! Some of us will be going JB next week!

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