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MIE Reflections Post 1 - 19/10/2016

posted 21 Oct 2016, 17:33 by WEI REN MAH

It has been a few weeks since the group has gotten together and we have made much progress. From fumbling about with our business idea to actually having a clear direction and goal for our business - Dorm Buddy has been an amazing experience. The team has been working hard, meeting twice every week and I am really confident that this idea will take off and do well. 

Come to think about it, if someone told me five years ago that in five years time I would be setting up my own business i would have probably scolded the person that he was crazy. But that is life and how you are going to improve yourself is by constantly stepping out of your comfort zone and testing yourself.

Mainly, I have been involved in the setting up of the business which we have did last week in ACRA. However, there was a slight stumbling block. As we had non-Singaporean students in our group, I registered them along when we had to apply for a LLP on ACRA. However, we realised that everyone had to endorse the LLP and it had to be done via SingPass. The issue was that our non-Singaporean students did not have access to SingPass. 

As such i made the call to ACRA to enquire about the endorsement process. What I was told was that I had to search for an external party to help the foreign students endorse. My guess is that this company would provide the credibility to ACRA instead of through the non-Singaporean students themselves. However, she told us that we had to pay a fee to do that. Which we were definitely hoping that we did not have to go through that path. Another issue that popped up was that because we did the initial application of the name Dorm Buddy LLP, we were not able to make a second application without including the foreign students inside.

What our group decided to do then was till wait until 2 weeks later for the application to lapse. Hopefully by then we can start to apply again and the application would go through.
Meanwhile our group has been doing up quite a big, and i'm optimistic that things will turn out well!.

Wei Ren

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